Concrete pilings are basis elements that extend beneath the ground. It is coupled with steel reinforcements for ground equilibrium. Once set, pilings are built upon by driven into the ground in site using excavation and drilling. Later on a concrete mix is poured around for reinforcing the whole structure.



The exact type of chosen foundation depends on the size of the building as well as building nature. Concrete foundations are typically reinforced with steel bars to prevent the deterioration of the foundation from humidity. A solid concrete foundation is less porous and waterproof; furthermore it has double resistance to fire than a usual heavy block.


Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is the application of a chemical or mechanical treatment of a mass of soil to increase or maintain its stability or improve its engineering properties. In fact, land solidification with concrete increases the compressive strength, decreases the permeability and encapsulates toxic elements. This treatment has the further benefit to assure adequate structural stability, especially for weaker or wetter soils. We can check this technique in many applications: from housing and Industrial building, to Ports, Hospitals, Schools and Railways.