3 Types of the Best Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

Good project management in construction should endeavor to pursue not only efficient utilization of labor but of equipment as well. To avoid delay with completion of major construction projects such as construction of roads, buildings, canals, bridges or tunnels; there should be emphasis on the technologies and various innovations that should be adapted so as to ensure high productivity and efficient flow of construction work. The choice of construction machinery, tools and equipment that are innovatively designed to enhance work performance and improve productivity is vital. 

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are some of the must-have equipment in every construction site. Here are some of the top Self-Loading Construction Mixers that you can invest in for faster execution of construction projects;



Apart from being price worthy; FIORI DB X50 is one Self-Loading Concrete Mixer with some of the unique and outstanding features. The FIORI DB X50 is the most economical and largest capacity concrete mixer with frontal loading ever made, that has produce 5 cubic meters of concrete per batch and a per day production capacity of even upto 130 cubic meter of concrete. The standard grab bucket has a capacity of 680 liter and that helps with ensuring high productivity and great accuracy and precision during dosing. FIORI DB X50 also has a digital electronic liter counter that helps to activate and control water inflow into the drum precisely. 

By equipping the FIORI DB X50 with the exclusive computerized batch controller system CBV 2.0, it is possible to obtain the production of certified quality concrete everywhere. This innovative system helps with guiding the operator during preparation of mix design, by ensuring mix homogeneity, high dosing precision and that result into a strong and highly consistent certifiable concrete. 



FIORI GROUP Self-Loading Concrete Mixers have unmatched qualities and features that make the range of equipment to stand out. FIORI DB 460 is an agile and extremely compact concrete mixer that provides concrete yield of 4.0 cubic meter per batch and a daily productivity of up to 90/100 cubic meter. Construction equipment in the FIORI DB 460 range are best used as alternatives to the small and the medium sized concrete batching plants as they provide flexibility, great handling, autonomy and greater control over concrete production. 

FIORI DB 460 equipment is innovatively designed and with the ability to produce top quality certified concrete. CBV 2.0 technology is another exclusive feature that helps with ensuring high quality, consistency production of certifiable concrete. 

Consistent Certifiable Quality concrete is ensured because of the some features like Special double truncated cone-shaped drum with convex bottom, Dual-screw mixing system, Pressure sensor installed on the drum reduction gearbox assists in confirming the homogenity of the concrete in the drum before discharging the concrete 



When you invest in any of the FIORI GROUP Self-Loading Concrete Mixers; you can be assured of production of certified high quality concrete. FIORI DB X35 is highly versatile equipment that’s ideal for a range of construction tasks. The specially designed loading arms help in ensuring enhanced visibility of the highest level. Apart from ease of use, and high productivity which goes up to 100 cubic meter of concrete per day the equipment is also quite cost effective and that’s a feature that makes it worth investing in.

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