Bangladesh Construction Work: Top 3 Site Dumpers to Invest In for Efficiency

Infrastructure development is a key factor towards the realization of socio-economic development within Bangladesh and that makes the choice of construction equipment to be quite vital. FIORI GROUP is well known and widely recognized for the supply of innovative engineering and construction equipment that delivers high performance in construction-related tasks. For effective and high productivity work in Bangladesh, there are top site dumpers that you can consider investing in for efficiency and high productivity;


Fiori D4O

This is an extremely versatile site dumper that offers unrivaled performance in restricted spaces. Fiori D40 Site Dumper performs perfectly well within narrow alleyways, tunnels, lanes or alleys and also comes with enhanced visibility and safe maneuverability during transportation of materials. Great stability and the articulated frame is one of the key features that make this site dumper perfect for use in Bangladesh. 

Fiori D4O is a very compact off-road vehicle with a capacity of 4000kg, pan rotation at 180 degrees and a three-way dumping functionality. FIORI GROUP dumpers are well known for outstanding maneuverability and perfect traction when operating on high terrains. The driving safety of the operator is also ensured as its user friendly in both directions of driving. The front oscillating differential axle helps with ensuring excellent stability even if fully loaded on rough and difficult tracks.

The double jack that controls frame articulation helps with making maneuverability to be fast and also easy. The versatility of Fiori D40 also stems from its reinforced high resistance dump body that comes with a SAE heaped capacity of 2.7 cubic meter.


Fiori D90 SW

If your construction work entails transportation and the unloading of materials in conditions that are extreme then you definitely need Fiori D90 SW. This is a unique construction equipment that is designed with a 4x4 hydrostatic transmission. Fiori SW series of site dumper has a hydrostatic automotive transmission that delivers outstanding maneuverability and comes with a 180 degrees tipper body that’s well positioned for unloading on all of the three sides. Users are therefore guaranteed of complete site coverage with the ability to access any spot.

Fiori D90 SW is well designed with great functionalities that ensure top-notch visibility and comfort. The equipment comes with a load capacity of 9000kg and is installed with level II ROPS/FOPS cab that helps with ensuring operator safety especially during work transportation and unloading of large material amounts. 

This versatile construction equipment comes with great features such as the reverse drive system which is not only exclusive equipment to FIORI GROUP but also ensures safe driving in any direction the vehicle is moving. The reinforced high resistance dump body has SAE heaped capacity of 4800 litres which makes this equipment to be quite versatile and worth investing in. 


Fiori D 100 SW

If you’re looking for site dumpers that can be used for transporting and unloading materials of large quantity then Fiori D 100 SW is the perfect choice to go for. This versatile equipment is designed with a tilting capability and 180 degrees orientation case that allows for trilateral unloading and guarantees complete coverage of all points of the site. 

The equipment has a capacity of 10,000kg and is the ideal hydrostatic transmission dumper for all the applications.