FIORI DB 560T: Tunnel Construction Equipment

Infrastructural development across diverse countries involves working on the excavation of tunnels for various tasks such as laying of pipes, building of underground railways, hydro-electric projects, mining operations and such. Working in tunnels can be quite complex and require not only technical skills but also use of versatile construction equipment and machineries. There are key construction equipment and machinery that are specifically designed for use along narrow areas that require maneuverability such as roadways, underground rail networks, hydroelectric projects, and tunnels. FIORI GROUP is well known for supply of a range of construction equipment that performs highly in diverse terrains. 

FIORI DB 560T is one versatile concrete transportation vehicle that is well known for mobility, agility, and stability alongside the delivery of high performance in inaccessible areas with limited maneuvering space. The low height of the machine, which is 3 meters, its low center of gravity, hydrostatic transmission, all-wheel-drive, and steering, make this construction equipment an excellent all-terrain vehicle. FIORI DB 560T is designed with unique driving reversibility that makes it suitable for the transport of concrete in tunnels, mines and other inaccessible areas. 

The drum design of FIORI DB 560T ensures transportation of 5.5 cubic meter of concrete in constant and homogenous conditions without segregation. Some of the key features of this versatile equipment that makes it stand out for use in tunnels construction include;


Ease of Handling and High Performance

FIORI DB 560T offers unparalleled agility and stability even in loaded conditions due to its lower center of gravity. The machinery is designed with a high-pressure automotive hydrostatic transmission that enables it to perform well in any terrain. The electronic drum rotation control ensures constant speed drive and a 180 degrees reversible driving seat that makes the handling of the equipment easier for the operator. The four-wheel drive and steering are essential features that make FIORI DB 560T to perform efficiently.

Safety and Ergonomics

FIORI DB 560T is equipped with a rear camera and a monitor in the cabin that helps with enhancing the operator’s visibility during driving, loading and unloading operations. The closed cabin with glass on all three sides makes it easy for the operator to have a clear view of the equipment and terrain. Ergonomic controls are other key features that help with enhancing safety of the operator. FIORI DB 560T is also fitted with a ladder beside the drum which allows access for cleaning and maintenance of the drum.


Agility and Compactness

This versatile construction equipment can easily move within any kind of confined space such as caves, mines, tunnels, underground railways and such like. The differential axle is combined with heavy-duty tires and an automotive hydrostatic transmission that facilitates the driving of the machine even if in full load condition and on any type of terrain. 

Investing in FIORI DB 560T for tunnel construction gives you that guarantee of high performance, making one of the most challenging jobs of transporting concrete inside tunnel look extremely easy.