FIORI’S DB 260: Ensure Production of Certifiable High-Quality Concrete at the job site

The quality of a construction project highly depends on the right design mix of concrete and how efficiently and precisely the designed concrete mix is produced and used. A concrete is said to be of good quality, if it is strongest, densest, most workable and most economical for the job for which it is prepared. To ensure high quality outcome and, use of versatile construction equipment that guarantee high performance should be given priority. FIORI DB 260 is one Self-Loading Concrete Mixer that offers unparalleled agility and stability even when in a loaded condition due to its lower center of gravity. 



FIORI DB 260 comes with a computerized electronic batching system that ensures accurate and precise dosing. The fully integrated and interactive system helps in guiding the operator from entering the mix design, precise dosing, controls the mixing time and ensures homogeneity of the final product. Multiple recipes for concrete can be saved for later use and the humidity percentage in the aggregates and sand can be input manually and it be automated with the use of moisture probe. The system is highly innovative as it adjusts the inflow of water and in turn maintains the water cement ratio as required. 

The final product is a certifiable high-quality concrete that’s perfect for construction work. FIORI DB 260 has other key features that make it the go-to Self-Loading Concrete Mixer for construction work such as road construction, building, railway work, and more. The equipment ensures a maximum yield of 2.5 cubic meters per batch alongside a daily production of about 60 – 70 cubic meters. Excellent visibility from the cabin and ergonomics of the operator’s position alongside seat reversibility and the innovative design are key features that makes FIORI DB 260 ideal for construction work.

The shape and position of the drum optimizes the dosage and mixing operations and in turn ensures concrete homogeneity. CBV 2.0 is another innovative feature that allows the operator to minimize error and at the same time guarantees consistency, repeatability and high quality of concrete even in some of the most difficult conditions. FIORI DB 260 is well designed to provide comfort and visibility to the operator. 

The 245 degrees drum rotation is another vital feature that ensures efficient discharge of concrete at the required point. FIORI DB 260 is fitted with standard ground control panel that enables the operator to manage, program and also control water input into the drum, alongside the mixing and unloading functions. 

The tip-off function makes it easy to shed excess material before weighing and pouring into the drum. The automatic unloading hatch is another key feature that helps in preventing any losses by avoiding spilling of the materials. FIORI DB 260 has all of the great and innovative features that makes its operation easy and also ensures high productivity of certifiable high quality concrete