Horizontal Cement Silos - Why does Myanmar need such special equipment for Cement storage use in remote job sites

Managing construction projects in Myanmar remote areas can be quite a challenge considering the state of the road network and accessibilities to remote project sites. Having Fiori's horizontal cement silos makes accessibility to cement and other building materials such as fly ash and lime to be done with ease and that enhances work efficiency and in-site concrete productivity. Fiori's Horizontal Cement Silos are a major preference in Myanmar since they are extremely versatile, mobile, and also alienates need for huge manpower. 

Fiori's HS 35.0 is one versatile construction equipment that’s suitable for storage and dosing of cement, fly ash, lime, and other powder or granular materials that are used in the remote construction site.  The equipment has a storage capacity of 35 cu.m, 42t maximum capacity, and an unloading flow rate of 25 cubic meter of cement per hour. Horizontal cement silos are such a good complement to Fiori Self-Loading Concrete Mixers and help with enhancing in productivity of consistent high-quality certifiable concrete in the job site itself. It also helps with eliminating dust during the cement loading phase thus being very environmentally friendly and adds to the wellbeing of personnel in the job site. 

Here are some of the reasons why Myanmar needs Horizontal Cement Silos;

Work Efficiency

The quality of infrastructure is something that has greatly impeded Myanmar’s development and focus needs to be given to use of quality construction equipment that ensures enhanced productivity in construction sites. Having horizontal cement silos within the construction site helps with ensuring that cement and other construction materials are accessed with ease and that in turn enhances work efficiency.

Fiori’s Horizontal Cement Silos comes with great features such as load cells that are used for checking weight of the material while feeding to Self-Loading Concrete Mixer. The equipment also comes with three ways of unloading such as manual; which can be done through the new Opus A3 display; automatic unloading which can be done from the concrete recipe and remotely from the Self-Loading Mixer itself, thus eliminating a need for a separate operator for Fiori’s Horizontal Silos. All of these features are designed to help enhance efficiency.



Eliminates excessive Dust from the Construction Site 

Fiori’s Horizontal Cement Silos is fitted with internal dust filters that helps with air cleaning and eliminates excessive dust from circulating within the construction site. Worksites that don’t have cement silos are prone to being dusty and that can be quite inconveniencing to those working within the construction project. The fact that horizontal cement silos can be transported and positioned well without the need for any civil works/concrete slabs or anchoring systems, makes it quite easy to move and position in any place within the project site, because they come with adjustable telescopic lifting legs, again eliminating any need for crane for assembling and disassembling.  

Fiori’s Horizontal Cement Silos are therefore more adaptable and acts more like mobile units where cement can be accessed at the very point it’s required. 

Quick Loading and Unloading

Fiori’s Horizontal Cement Silos doesn’t need special trucks to be transported around since the equipment is portable. The assembling and disassembling of the equipment take place within a very short time and that’s due to the 4 telescopic lifting legs that the equipment comes with. 

Fiori’s Horizontal Cement Silos are therefore vital off-road equipment that’s vital for use in Myanmar construction and building projects.