How to Improve Quality of Construction Projects in Myanmar

Infrastructure development is critical for economic growth as it’s what facilitates trade, connects markets, boosts productivity and also enhances mobility. The government of Myanmar has given priority to infrastructure development and is undertaking massive scale-up to pave the country’s road network. Under the National Rural Access Program, the government of Myanmar is committed to expanding access to the under-connected areas. 

Huge infrastructure development such as construction of roads requires that the construction project managers invest in a range of construction equipment and machinery that are versatile and innovatively designed to enhance work efficiency and high productivity. For infrastructure projects to be considered as of high quality, there are certain criteria that the projects should meet and working with a range of high quality construction equipment helps with ensuring that the set standards are met. 

FIORI GROUP is leading the pack when it comes to design and production of construction equipment and machinery. The company has a range of versatile Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, Transit Mixers, Site Dumpers, and Cement Dispensers that can be of great use in a construction site. The quality of construction projects in Myanmar should be ensured at all the phases of the project life and that starts from the planning phase to design and construction. 

Working with FIORI GROUP range of equipment and machinery guarantee high work efficiency and work quality that meets the set standards. Here are some of the ways of ensuring improvement of quality of construction projects in Myanmar;



Invest in high quality Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

One of the key challenges in construction projects is identifying and choosing the ideal quality of concrete for the construction work, alongside the challenges faced for the execution of the project within the stipulated time frame. Investing in FIORI GROUP Self-Loading Concrete Mixers provides that assurance of getting high quality certifiable concrete that’s delivered fresh at the job site itself and at the desired time. FIORI GROUP Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are versatile construction equipment that ensures unparalleled agility and stability with an all-terrain capability and excellent off-road performance. 

Myanmar is experiencing a steady improvement of transport infrastructure and that demands for use of high quality concrete. With construction equipment such as FIORI DB X50 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer; such projects can be completed quite efficiently and within the set timeframe. Economy and high productivity are key elements that distinguish FIORI DB X50 from the rest, as the equipment with a batch capacity of 5 cubic meters, can produce up to 120 to 130 cubic meter of concrete in the job site itself, in an average production time frame of 8 hours. FIORI DB X50 is the most economical and the largest capacity Self-Loading Concrete Mixer.

Enhance Project Efficiency with Transit Mixers

Key construction equipment that has the potential of improving the efficiency of construction projects is the Transit Mixer. This is must-have construction machinery especially where the task entails working through narrow routes and tunnels. FIORI DB 560T is one innovative construction equipment that’s well designed for agility, mobility and stability in transport of high-quality concrete in challenging tough working conditions. The equipment has great features such as the unique driving reversibility that makes it suitable for transport of high-quality concrete in mines, tunnels and inaccessible areas that have limited space for maneuverability. 

The drum design is another key element that ensures transportation of 5.5 cubic meter of high-quality certifiable concrete in an agitated and homogenous condition without any segregation.