Myanmar Road and Residential Construction Projects

Myanmar’s construction market is gradually opening up to both local and foreign investors.  The Construction Industry has tremendously increased in value in the last years and this has been due to the government's increased expenditure that’s aimed at improving public infrastructure. Myanmar road and residential construction projects are on the rise with both domestic and foreign real estate investors venturing into the construction of residential units to help address the huge demand for affordable housing. 


For effective and efficient work at construction sites, there should be an investment in construction machines that are proven to be cost-effective and also enhance high performance. FIORI GROUP has a range of high productivity construction vehicles with the best innovative and state of the art features. The all-terrain capability and off-road performance are some of the features that enable the equipment to work well on any construction site. Residential construction projects are quite labor-intensive which can be quite costly and that demands for use of construction equipment that ensures the production of high-quality certifiable concrete and at the same time being very cost-effective solutions.


For the success of road and residential construction projects in Myanmar, there is a range of construction equipment, machinery, and tools that should be put in places such as Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, Off-Road Vehicles, Transit Mixers, Site Dumpers, and Cement Dispensers. Road construction in Myanmar requires the use of a range of Self-Loading Concrete Mixers that are well designed to homogeneously mix aggregate, cement, and water so as to form high-quality certifiable concrete in the job site itself. The use of FIORI GROUP equipment has the potential of enhancing work quality and efficiency. 


According to the Myanmar construction sector, it’s estimated that the country is likely to experience an increased growth over the long-term with the average annual growth forecasted to 7.7% through 2020-2029.  Such forecasting provides contractors with insight for investment into construction equipment with the potential of delivering high performance in the long-term. FIORI GROUP Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are a must-have at the construction site due to their versatility and the distinctive features of the equipment that ensures high efficiency and long-term performance.


The choice of FIORI Self-Loading Concrete Mixers should be determined based on the magnitude of the task and the maximum yield the equipment is designed to deliver per batch. FIORI GROUP range of construction equipment is extremely versatile, highly agile and with a stable mixer that guarantees an unparalleled yield of certified high-quality concrete with every batch. Myanmar has a very complex terrain and only Self-Loading Concrete Mixers that are designed with key features such as all-terrain capability and excellent off-road performance are capable of performing at the optimum in the long-term. Road and bridge construction in Myanmar is quite labor-intensive and costly. However, with use of FIORI DB 560T transit Mixer; you can be assured of high work efficiency at reduced costs. 


Some of the key features that distinguish the FIORI DB 560T transit mixer from the rest are the stability, mobility, and agility of this concrete transit mixer. When working on tunnels, mines, bridges, and areas with limited space for maneuverability; unique features such as all-wheel drive make it perfect for such construction projects. 


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