Tunnel Transit Mixer (DB 560 T) – The most efficient and application friendly method of transporting concrete in tunnels

Transporting concrete in tunnels is never easy considering the narrow nature of the work environment and the layout of some of the construction sites. For such projects to be efficiently done, you need a range of machines that you can work with and has the capacity to navigate through the narrow work environments effectively. Tunnel transit mixer is one versatile machine that you should consider incorporating into your project due to its ability to navigate through diverse terrains and tunnels.                                                                           

If you’re into tunnel construction or hydroelectric projects, then a Tunnel transit mixer is a machine you should have in your arsenal. The machine comes with a mixing drum mounted on a self-propelled truck that makes the process of mixing and transportation of concrete to be quite efficient. If you want your concrete to be delivered when still fresh, then this is a machine that you should have. As the tunnel transit mixer moves; the mixing drum keeps rotating, agitating the concrete all the while and that makes it easy for the concrete being transported not to solidify and not get segregated.

Tunnel transit mixers are widely in use in various tunnel projects across the world, however, the quality of the machines and functionality is key. You need a machine that’s not only versatile but also has the potential of delivering on the tasks effectively regardless of the transportation distance. The quality of the concrete that you end up with should be perfect. When working on narrow work environments such as underground tunnels; you need a machine that can easily penetrate through and deliver fresh concrete without much hassle.


The integration of mixing of concrete, and transport through tunnels makes tunnel transit mixers to be ideal for a range of construction projects. Whether you’re considering for hydro-electric tunnel projects or high-speed rail tunnel construction, or in road tunnel construction or in mines, this is one machine that will make your work to flow efficiently. Due to its unique 3 meter height, the four-wheel-drive & steering, and the reversible driver seat, the DB 560 T can easily move in any kind of confined spaces such as tunnels, mines, caves, underground railways, hydroelectric projects, and canal works.

The truck is quite versatile and has the potential of performing quite well in any terrain. The concrete mixing drum also has such a superior drum design that aids in transporting concrete without segregation. The blade of the truck is also unique with wear-resisting protection structure that also enhances its durability. The center of gravity of this truck is lower when compared to any other transit mixer. Additionally, the differential axle, combined with the heavy-duty tires & the automotive hydrostatic transmission facilitates driving the DB 560 T, even in full load condition, on any kind of terrain

Every feature that the truck comes with is designed to enhance efficiency in concrete delivery and transportation.

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