Cement Dispensers

HS 15.0

They represent the ideal complement to the FIORI self-loading concrete mixers.
15 cu.m
Total storage capacity
Max. capacity
25 m3/h
Unloading flow rate

The horizontal silos, which can be used for the storage and dosing of cement, lime, fly ash, sand and other materials in powder or granual form, are particularly suitable for mobile construction sites. They represent the ideal complement to the FIORI self-loading concrete mixers, favoring an increase in site productivity and eliminating dust during the cement loading phase. These types of silos can be easily transported and positioned (without the need for anchoring systems or concrete slabs) thanks to the adjustable telescopic lifting legs.

FIORI's ""HS"" silos are supplied complete with external vibrator, air fluidizing nozzles, inclined drain augers, internal self-cleaning filter, plastic water tanks, control unit and electronic weighing system with load cells ( Canlink for remote control (Bluetooth) from the CBV 2.0 on board the self-loading concrete mixer).

‣ Horizontal Silos, can be used for storage and dosage of cement, lime, fly ash, sand, and many other materials in powder and granular form.
‣ Perfectly complement Fiori’s Self Loading mixers by increasing their productivity.
‣ Eliminates dust generation while loading the cement/fly ash.
‣ Mobile – Portable Silos’- Does not require any civil foundation work or any form of anchoring, because of it telescopic adjustable lifting legs.
‣ External moto-vibrator
‣ Air pads for fluidization
‣ Inclined unloading augers
‣ Internal self-cleaning filter
‣ Plastics water tanks
‣ Control unit and electronic weighing system with load cells
‣ CANlink for remote control (Bluetooth) from CBV 2.0).
‣ Loads cells for checking the content weight while unloading.
‣ CANlink for remote control (Bluetooth) from CBV 2.0.
‣ Three ways of unloading: manual (through the new Opus A3 display), automatic (from recipe), remotely (through CANlink).
‣ Internal dust filter (air cleaning) for which the material falls within the same silos.
‣ Plastic tanks for water storage.
‣ No civil foundation work or anchoring requirement – thus making it more “mobile”
‣ Minimal environmental impact
‣ No need of cranes - Quick and easy disassembling, moving and reassembling in another site, with no need of cranes.
‣ Extreme flexibility of the unloading positions, the auger being rotatable by 190 degrees.
‣ No need of anchoring to the ground, thus more adaptable to “mobile” units.
‣ Transportable with no need of special trucks.
‣ Assembly and disassembly take place in a very short time thanks to 4 swivel feet.
‣ Very quick loading (25mc/h of product).
‣ Fluidization’s air nozzles for facilitate the unloading of cement (automatically activated).
‣ Safety valve for pressure control mounted on the roof.
Total storage capacity
15.0 m3
Max. capacity
Unloading flow rate
25 m3/h (> 500 kg./min)
Diameter of extracting horizontal screw conveyor
170/193 mm
Diameter of inclined unloading screw conveyor
219 mm
Loading system
Load cells (weighing)
laumas CBL7500
Number of load cells
Surface of the dust filter
16 m2
Filtering element (Donaldson)
6 nozzles
Power supply
380 - 480V; 50-60Hz
Total absorbed power
11.0 kW
Water tanks
600 lt/each, tot. 1,200 lt
Weight (unladen)
4,100 kg
Max gross weight
23,600 kg
Max. load on every supporting leg
6,200 kg
20" BOX