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Fiori Asia Pacific
Sebuah Anak Usaha yang dimiliki 100% oleh FIORI GROUP S.p.A Italia

Siapa Kami

Siapa Kami
FIORI Asia Pacific
FIORI ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD, Singapore adalah anak perusahaan yang dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh Fiori Group S.p.A Italia. Berdiri sejak tahun 2012, cabang Singapura bertanggung jawab atas bisnis FIORI di wilayah Asia Pasifik dan Asosiasi Asia Selatan untuk Kerja Sama Regional (SAARC) dan sudah meresmikan keberadaannya di lebih dari 12 negara hingga saat ini.
Apakah sebenarnya kendaraan batching beton itu?


The growth of construction industry and government sponsored infrastructure projects is driving the demand for quality construction equipment and building materials in Vietnam. In the year 2020, the construction industry in Vietnam did reasonably well, when compared to other similar markets within the Southeast Asia region. 

There is a gradual increase in number of new infrastructure projects in the recent times and that demands for use of versatile construction equipment and machinery with proven ability for high performance. Construction project managers prefer use of equipment and machinery that makes it possible for the projects to be completed on time and ensures use of materials that don’t compromise the integrity of the built structure. 

The construction industry in Vietnam is registering tremendous growth and that’s as a result of economic recovery and the government’s commitment to investment into infrastructure.  The government has highly invested in the development of industrial facilities and that demands for use of high-quality construction equipment.