Infrastructural development across diverse countries involves working on the excavation of tunnels for various tasks such as laying of pipes, building of underground railways, hydro-electric projects, mining operations and such. Working in tunnels can be quite complex and require not only technical skills but also use of versatile construction equipment and machineries. There are key construction equipment and machinery that are specifically designed for use along narrow areas that require maneuverability such as roadways, underground rail networks, hydroelectric projects, and tunnels.

The construction industry in Vietnam is registering tremendous growth and that’s as a result of economic recovery and the government’s commitment to investment into infrastructure.  The government has highly invested in the development of industrial facilities and that demands for use of high-quality construction equipment.

Myanmar’s construction market is gradually opening up to both local and foreign investors.  The Construction Industry has tremendously increased in value in the last years and this has been due to the government's increased expenditure that’s aimed at improving public infrastructure. Myanmar road and residential construction projects are on the rise with both domestic and foreign real estate investors venturing into the construction of residential units to help address the huge demand for affordable housing. 

Good project management in construction should endeavor to pursue not only efficient utilization of labor but of equipment as well. To avoid delay with completion of major construction projects such as construction of roads, buildings, canals, bridges or tunnels; there should be emphasis on the technologies and various innovations that should be adapted so as to ensure high productivity and efficient flow of construction work. The choice of construction machinery, tools and equipment that are innovatively designed to enhance work performance and improve productivity is vital. 

Infrastructure development is a key factor towards the realization of socio-economic development within Bangladesh and that makes the choice of construction equipment to be quite vital.

As the population increases in Vietnam and the cities expand; sustainable construction and engineering is right at the heart of Vietnam’s growth. Fiori Asia Pacific is therefore at the forefront of the booming trend through provision of construction equipment and solutions that are designed to perform in a wide array of terrains and conditions. Fiori Self-Loading Concrete Mixers have greatly helped with reshaping urban landscapes and enhancing road network and building constructions across the country. 

Transporting concrete in tunnels is never easy considering the narrow nature of the work environment and the layout of some of the construction sites.

Managing construction projects in Myanmar remote areas can be quite a challenge considering the state of the road network and accessibilities to remote project sites. Having Fiori's horizontal cement silos makes accessibility to cement and other building materials such as fly ash and lime to be done with ease and that enhances work efficiency and in-site concrete productivity. Fiori's Horizontal Cement Silos are a major preference in Myanmar since they are extremely versatile, mobile, and also alienates need for huge manpower. 

When working on a construction project, there are a number of things that should be given priority and should influence the quality of off-road construction vehicles that you settle for. Site preparation and construction efficiency are key factors that should be given emphasis and that highly depends on the type of equipment and off-road vehicles that you choose to settle for. From excavators, wheel loaders to rigid dump trucks, there are expert tips that you should be well conversant with if you are to make the right choice of off-road vehicles.